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Speech & Debate

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Speech and Debate

Morristown West High School Course Syllabus


School Year: 2018-2019

Instructor: Suzanne Terry

Course: Theatre Arts 3/Forensics (Competitive Speech and Debate)

Room 476

Phone: 423 581 1600 ext. 1048


After School Extra Help (Days/Time): Mon-Thurs 3:00 till 4:30 unless other -wise specified.



Philosophy, Goals

Good oral communication is essential to a productive life. The speech and debate program, therefore, attempts to provide oral communication experiences that develop skill and self-confidence in speaking, both in public and private. Participation is the key to the success of the student in this class. Students select their events, partners, materials for performance, rehearsal time and performance times in class.


The objectives are to:

1.  Provide oral communication experiences that increase self-esteem and establish better interpersonal relationships.

2.  Help students think creatively and express themselves enthusiastically.

3.  Increase the student's desire to search for answers to challenging questions.

4.  Help students understand the importance of organization in speech writing.

5.  Instill within students the realization that hard work yields success.

6.  Help students understand and deal with stage fright and embarrassment.

7.  Acquaint students with a wide variety of speech activities.

8.  Acquaint students with constructive criticism and critical listening.

9.  Help students solve problems with expression, volume, pitch, diction, and articulation.

10. Provide the opportunity for every student to experience the thrill of a successful performance before an audience.



My planning period is  1st period second semester. Please feel free to give me a call or send an email if I can answer any questions.