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Abbott, Glenn Foreign Language
Adkins, Darlene Career Technical Education
Albright, Davey Alternative Learning Placement/ laptops
Aldridge, Daniel Career Technical Education
Bailiff, Jessica Chemistry
Bakely, Jodie Special Education
Beverly, Lauren Social Studies
Blakely, Martha English
Bowen, Kathy Visual and Performing Arts
Bowen, Sarah English, Track
Bradley, Brittany Math
Bradley, Todd Social Studies
Buis, Kay Special Education
Burroughs, Douglas Science Department Chair
Byrd, Renae Counseling
Cobb, Jennifer Spanish
Cook, Kimberly CTE Business Technology / Social Studies
Cox, Chad Social Studies
Creech, Derek Wellness
Cutshaw, Jackie Career Technology Education
Dallemagne, Kathy Math
DeWald, Kendra ELL
Dickerson, Jane Special Services
Drew, Leslie Science/Broadcasting
Drinnon, Rebecca English
Duval, Engelina Social Studies
Emmons, Jeremy Career Technical Education
Epps, Pete Biology
Evans, Lacey Special Education
Farmer, Raymond Physical Education
Fitzpatrick, Amy Science
Galyon, Johnny Career Technology Education
Garlington, Scott Foreign Language
Gatlin, Kerry Art
Hall, Kim English
Harbin, Wesley Building Trades
Hardin, Greg Career Technical Education
Hawkins, Richard Career Technical Education
Hayes, Chris Math
Heflin, Tracy Science
Helton, Elizabeth Special Education
Herron, Mark Chair, Dept. of World Languages / French Teacher
Horne, Amy Foreign Language
Jones, Leslie English
Justis, Melanie Counseling
Kelley, Heather Physical Education
Kilday, Linda English
King, Doug Math
Lakins, Rachel ELL
Lane, Hannah English
Ledford, Gwen Counseling
Logan, Kathy Special Education
Long, Brittany Library/media specialist
Maness, LeAnne Special Services
Marcum, Brian Social Studies
McCash, Rodney English
McLaughlin, Brian Math
Moreland, Lee Social Studies
Morgan, Nick Social Studies
Murphy, Jennifer Math
Nease, Steven Science
Noble, Ralph Math
Owens, Nicole Math
Phillips, Tara Math
Pickett, Justin Career Technical Education
Pierce, Alice Special Services
Porter, Heidi Math
Reed, Deena Visual and Performing Arts
Reuschel, Jill Counseling
Ripley, Tammy Social Studies
Rumph, Amie Math
Salansky, Gary Physical Education
Sanders, Alvin Career Technical Education
Sauceman, Sabella Science
Scariano, Bekah Human Services Department
Sedlack, Linda Math
Starnes, Barbara English
Story, Amy Social Studies
Szatkowski, Wendy Librarian
Terry, Suzanne Visual and Performing Arts
Thomas, Mike Visual and Performing Arts
Todd, Michael English
Trentham, Shannon Biology
Trevor, Roberts Math
Tripucka, David Career Technology Educaiton
Vannoy, Keith Math
Walker, Kelly English
Webb, Shane Special Education
Whaley, Amy Career Technology Education
Wilson, Angela Career Technology Education
Zion, Blake Criminal Justice