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West High Departmental Awards
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Friday, May 11, 2018
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For pictures, visit the HCBOE Facebook Page: West Honors



The following students have maintained the enviable record of being present every day this year, with some who have been present every day since elementary school.  We would like to congratulate and present them each with a certificate for their accomplishment.

Elisa Tomas Arzola             12th grade               Perfect attendance 12th grade

Leah Barlow                         10th grade                 Perfect attendance 7-10th grades

Tariq J Blue                           10th grade               Perfect attendance 5-10 grades

Madason Grace Brady      9th grade                 Perfect attendance 9th grade

Jessica C Gonzalez              12th grade               Perfect attendance 11-12 grades

Olivia Carpenter                  10th grade               Perfect attendance 3-10 grades

Carlos H Delgado                12th grade               Perfect attendance 9-12 grades

Sarahi De Jesus                    12th grade               Perfect attendance 12th grade

Hugo Estrada                       12th grade               Perfect attendance 9th-12th grades

Gabriel A Lammey              9th grade                  Perfect attendance 7-9th grades

Mauro Librado-Sanchez    11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade

N. Braxton Mattocks         11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade

Salvador Merchant-Rojas 11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade

Hugo Morales                      10th grade                 Perfect attendance 9-10th grade

Charles R Neill                     10th grade               Perfect attendance 9-10 grades

Nicholas F Noble                 11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade

Dominick J Ruth                  11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade

Darshan M Shah                 12th grade               Perfect attendance 9-12 grades

Hannah O Smith                  12th grade               Perfect attendance 9th-12th grades

Gracie H Smith                    9th grade                  Perfect attendance 1st-9th grades

Nathan Brant Willis            12th grade               Perfect attendance 8-12 grades

Kevin S Wood                       11th grade               Perfect attendance 11th grade


The Rising Star award is given to the Art I students with an excellent average who show great potential to excel in the fine arts.

Samantha Coblentz

Andy Lin


The Avant Garde Award is given to outstanding Art II students who have shown promise in multiple mediums in the art classroom.

Kymberly Dean

Regina Zaragoza


The Da Vinci Award is given to those seniors who have developed a mastery of a particular media and exhibits personal traits throughout that media.  These students have the abilities to excel in the fine arts in college, art school or in the workplace. 

Elizabeth Liposky

Sarah Greer


Band Awards:

These are the 2017-2018 Morristown West Senior Band Members.  

Rebekah Brandon

Blake Burroughs

Samantha Coblentz

Shelby Crawford

Brice Dean

Sarah Greer

Heather Gorbski

Ryan Gorbski

Kris Grizzel

Paul Hancock

Sam Hillard

Brady McAuley

Darshan Shah

Josh Smith

Bailey Stratton

Trinity Talley

Daniel Tate

Nathan Willis


These are the 2017-2018 Morristown West All-State East Band Members.  

Teagan Burroughs

Tanner Collins

Emily Gray

Paul Hancock

Hunter Kennedy

Demir Menguc

Myiah Portrum

Samantha Scarce

Bailey Stratton

Marcus Thompson


These are the 2017-2018 Morristown West Band All-East Jazz Band Members. 

Bailey Stratton


These are the 2016-2017 Morristown West Band All-State Band Members.  

All-State Band:

Paul Hancock

Demir Menguc


The John Phillip Sousa Award is in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.  This year’s award is hereby presented to Paul Hancock.


Business/IT Industry Certifications 

This year, West Business and Information Technology Department had a record year for students earning Microsoft Office Specialist Industry Certifications.  88 industry certifications were obtained by students in Advanced Computer Applications courses last Fall.  When a student earns Microsoft Office Specialist industry certification, he or she is more competitive in the job market, graduates with distinction as long as a 3.0 gpa is maintained, and is eligible for dual testing at WSCC.  Will students please come to the floor as your name is called?

These students passed all 3 MOS industry certification in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 2016:

Jackson Brandon

Kassidy Cody

Michael Durham

Rodolfo Gaure

Ryan Hinton

Sean Lam

Danielle Locke

Angelina McDaniel

Leesha Nichols

Addison Pennington

Stephen Solorzano

Brandon Vargas-Luna

Daniel Wood

Alec Bowen

Molly Fullington

Zachery Hayes

Trinidee Johnson

Kevin Wood

Jaedyn Johnson


These students passed 2 MOS industry certification in Word and PowerPoint 2016:

Hunter Dalton

Jacob Harrell

Alexes Manning

Brandon Moore

Julio Chavez

James Hensley

Andrew Parker

Kandi Partin

Jacopo Diluzio

Jude Love

Jackson Neill

Mason Paxton

Vito Raimondi

Jared Coffey

Maria Farias-Hernandez


This student passed Microsoft Office Specialist Certification for Word 2016:

Spencer Cumbow



All-East and All-State Awards are given to the students who have competed and been selected to represent their school choir in the All-East or All-State Choir for Tennessee. The following students were selected for the 2017/2018 choirs.

All-East Choir:

Kayleigh Roberts

Jenna Roberts

Jack Wilson

Bailey Straton

Josh Smith

Ian Sexton

Eli Steislinger

Patrick Liposky

Matthew Kinsler

Zynthia Reyes

Kelly Fluker


All-State Choir:

Jack Wilson

Josh Smith

Kayleigh Roberts


The American Choral Directors Association Honor Choir is the highest achievement for a high school choral singer. The students are selected, either regionally or nationally, out of thousands of other applicants from across the United States to participate in the select choirs. This year’s recipients of the ACDA Honor Choir are:

Jack Wilson

Josh Smith

Tanner Kinkead

Tony Jasso

Kayleigh Roberts

Chloe Boling

Ian Sexton

Eli Steislinger

Patrick Liposky


English Department Awards (Presented by Mrs. Lane)

English I Award

Given to the student with the highest EOC score

Christopher Best

with a score of 100


English II Award

Given to the student with the highest EOC score

Emma Purgason

with a score of 99


English III Award

Given to the student with the highest EOC score

Myrissa Livesay

with a score of 97

FBLA Awards (Presented by Mrs. Whaley and Mrs. Cook)

FBLA has had a record year competing regionally, and at state and national level.  More importantly, the club had a record year assisting West High to put together 115 boxes for our annual Thanksgiving Drive and pick out toys for at least 30 families at the Central Services Toys for Tots Drive in December.

FBLA Regionals on February 1, 2018 was a huge win for West High FBLA students as they competed in Knoxville, TN with six first place wins and 17 total wins.  The region ranges from Chattanooga all the way to Bristol, TN. 


·      Leesha Nichols placed 1st place in Computer applications.  

·      Tyler Connell placed 1st place in Database Design

·      In Impromptu Speaking Megan Strader placed 1st.

·      Shane Hess placed 1st place in Computer Problem Solving.

·      In Management Decision Making, Blayne Chance and Elaney Noe were a team who placed 1st as well.  

·      In Intro to Business Communications. Kenzie Sprouse placed 2nd

·      In Word Processing Danielle Locke placed 2nd.

·      Zack Hayes won 3rd place in Computer Problem Solving

·      In Organizational Leadership Hannah Stone placed 3rd.  

·      In Business Communications,  Kimberly Sanchez placed 4th

·      Camryn Sprouse placed 4th in Job Interview. 

·      In Marketing,  Rebecca Eubanks and Sarahi Dejesus were a team who placed 4th.

·      D.D. Cox placed 5th in Health Care Administration

·      Dawson Wood placed 5th Place in Computer Problem Solving

·      Yuliana Resendiz placed 6th in Word Processing.

This year was a record year for West High FBLA as we had the most wins at state competition in school history.  The state competition was held March 12-14 in Chattanooga.  Eleven students qualified to compete in Nationals in Baltimore, Maryland this summer.

·      First place in Management Decision Making are Blayne Chance and Delaney Noe.

·      Second place in Marketing is Rebecca Eubanks and Sarahi DeJesus

·      Second place in Web Site Design is Michael Durham, Vito Raimondi, and Dawson Wood.

·      Third place in Computer Problem Solving is Shane Hess

·      Fourth place in Organizational Leadership is Hannah Stone

·      Fourth place in Word Processing is Danielle Locke

·      Fifth place in Computer Applications is Leesha Nichols

·      Fifth place in Computer Problem Solving is Zack Hayes

German Awards (Presented by Mr. Abbot)

The award of German Scholar is given to students who not only achieve the highest grades in the German Classes, but those students who also demonstrate the highest level of enthusiasm, effort, and appreciation of the German language and culture.  While there are many very strong students in this year’s German classes, the following students were the best of the best. Please come forward to accept you award when I call you name.

Dallas Dawson

Alex Ingram

Matty Salansky

Shaelyn Smith


Health Science Awards (Presented by Mrs. Jeffers and Mr. Emmons)

The following students are being recognized for their outstanding achievement in the following health science classes. Please come down to receive your certificate when your name is called.

Health Science  

Kristof Lotivio

Tess Porter

Paulina Ramirez

Jocelyn Sanchez

Keyley Santizo

Kimberly Sanchez

Madyson Greenlee

Sean Lam

Sasha Munoz

Rehabilitation Careers

            Mary Hannah Statzer

            Maddi Warren

            Davy Ray

            Emma Collins

Medical Therapeutics  

Olivia Carpenter

Hailee Hunter

Halyn Long

Hannah Seals

Anatomy & Physiology

            Shauna Honaker

            Miguel Chavez

Exercise Science

            Sabrina Whitelaw

Nursing Education

The following Seniors are CNAs and will be pinned at the Honors Banquet for Seniors. They have completed the required course work and passed their state certification exam. Please stand and be recognized when your name is called:

Jalynn Blevins

Makayla Brooks
Molly Brown

Ruth Bustos

Alyssa Cartwright
Odalys Ceron

Summer Gahagan

Julie Holman

Jessica Horner

Kelly Huerta

Cameron James
Kennadee Jarnagin

Trinidee Johnson

Brittney Jones

Theresas McAmis

Briana Neal
Baylee Rauberts
Megan Rines

Salimey Santizo

Rachel Shaver

Hannah Stone
Kaitlyn Styles

Mya Summers

Sarah Tripucka

Jennifer Vargus

William Woelki
The following students are also being recognized for completing the required course work and passing their state certification exam to be a CNA. Will the following please come down to the gym floor to receive their underclassmen CNA certificate. These students will be invited to the pinning ceremony their senior year.

Molly Gordon

Carlee Murphy

Molley Wright

Scarlett Wampler


HOSA Awards (Presented by Mrs Adkins)

Our HOSA chapter had a successful year at regional and state competitions. On February 7 students competed at Carson Newman University and received several awards.  

Rudy Roblero 5th place Transcultural Health

Allie Paxton 5th place Nutrition

Lacey Winstead 4th place Medical Reading

4th place in HOSA Bowl- Naomi Fodor, Autumn Snapp, Mary Hannah Statzer and Madison Warren

Andrew Lewis 3rd Sports Medicine

2nd place in Creative Problem Solving- Madison Carr, Makayla Jordan, Alex Mounts and Myiah Portrum

Jenna Smith 2nd Biomedical Laboratory Science

Kristof Lotivio 2nd Physical Therapy


Jenna and Kristof please remain standing. The HOSA state competition was held March 26-28 in Chattanooga. We have two students that qualified to compete at the national level in Dallas, TX this summer.

Kristof Lotivio placed 1st in the state for Physical Therapy


Jenna Smith placed 2nd in the state for Biomedical Laboratory Science

Congratulations to all our HOSA competitors!


Personal Finance Awards (Presented by Mrs. Cook):

This year, Mrs. Cook’s Personal Finance class competed in a state wide video competition.  They had to make an original 1 minute video explaining personal financial concepts.  The created a rap music video that also addressed the issue of bullying.  They were finalist in the State and this event qualified as an award towards graduating with distinction.  Would the following state finalists please come forward to accept your certificates:

Andrew Bolling

Tyler Greene

Kris Grizzel

Dylan Guinn

Caroline Harville

Luz Cruz Huerta

Gracie Johnson

Tiffany Noe

Seth Smith

Jonathan Vergara


Physical Education Department Awards (Presented by Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Lambert, and Mr. Farmer):

The Morristown West Physical Education Department has come up with a scale comparable to the Presidential and National Fitness scores.  Trojan Elite recipients are students who scored in the 85th percentile or above in all five categories of the fitness test.  Trojan Great recipients are students who scored in the 50th percentile or above in all five categories.  The Physical Fitness test recognizes students for their level of physical fitness in the five categories of shuttle run, timed one mile, sit-ups, pull-ups, and sit & reach.

Trojan Great:

Hezekiah Anderson

Brandon Atjun-Zarate

Ashton Brady

Elisha Brewer

Maylea Brown

Sarah Brown

Nicole Bunch

Joshua Carey

Kortnee Carpenter

Tatiana Cupp

Madison Devotie

Leslye Diaz

Matthew Durham

Michelle Farias

Abraham Flores Melchor

Carson Grimes

Skye Gullone

Faith Hadley

Sydney Haven

Mya Hayes

Luis Hernandez

Yahir Hernandez

Sarah Grace Holt

Matthew Kinsler

Mitchell Korody

Kaleb Lara

Connor Lawson

Albaro Lopez

Vivian Matamoras-Garcia

Conner McFayden

Rubi Merchant

Madalyn Moore

Jasmine Moyers

Sasha Munoz

Addison Myers

McKinley Noe

Kamryn Odom

Jabria Parker

Jesus Perez

Luiz Sanchez-Perez

 Alexander Pintor

Adonais Portillo

Jocelyn Purkey

Melanie Retiz

Alana Rhines

Ricardo Santiago Vargas

Ethan Schneider

Ashton Stipes

Emmalee Stubblefield

Faythe Summers

Kaleigh Talley

Noah Thompson

Lizbet Tomas Ramos

Naylen Turner

Alexis Valentine

Chyanna Warren

Jayden Watson

Chase Whitelaw

Alexis Williams

Shannon Warren

Savannah Woolridge


Trojan Elite:

Isaac Adams

Caitlin Allen

Kylee Bales

Grace Brady

Alexis Brown

Ryan Bugg

Tamra Dalton

Jace Durfey

Ryan Ellison

Kevin Espinoza

Mackenzie Gibbs

Isaiah Hayes

Faith Heskett

Isaac Holt

Steven Lampkin

Patrick Liposky

Brett Lord

Alexer Marcario Bernardo

Chandler Roberts

Avory Robinson

Juan Rodriguez Pasqual

Camryn Scott

Emily Spain

Cheyenne Woelki

Preston Woolridge

Amaya Yarid


The Pacer test is a progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance multistage shuttle run.  The Pacer is designed to measure aerobic capacity, which is characterized by endurance, performance, and fitness.  The objective of the Pacer is to run as long as possible while keeping a specified pace.  Student run back and forth across a 20 meter space at a pace that gets faster each minute.  A point is scored for each 20-meter distance covered.  At this time, the Wellness department would like to recognize a male and female representing the best score for each class.

Brookelyn Allen

Alexis Brown

Maylea Brown

IzaDora Borja

Ryan Bugg

Nicole Bunch

Dylan Cribley

Leslye Diaz

Stephen Emery

Abraham Flores

Isaiah Hayes

Luis Hernandez

Brett Lord

Harley McCravey

Kamryn Odom

Alexander Pintor

Johnny Ramos

Yuliana Resendiz

Chandler Roberts

Avory Robinson

Ethan Schneider

Ian Sexton

Zoie Shepard

Emily Spain

Naylen Turner

Preston Woolridge

Amaya Yarid


Science Department Awards (Presented by Mr. Burroughs)

The following students are being recognized for their Outstanding Performance in the following areas of science:

Biology 1                                                                                                     

Bryan Smith                                                                        

Honors Biology                                                                 

Esmeralda Cerritos                                                            

Tillman Goins                                                                                  

Amaya Yarid                                                                       

AP Biology                                                                          

Drew Cartwright                                                               

Maggie Layer

Chemistry I                                                             

Matthew Durham                                                 

Phillip Eldridge                                                                    

Braxton Lovell                                                                    

Dalton Miksa                                                                      

Magdalena Ramos

Shaelyn Smith                                                                                 

Honors Chemistry

Shawn Burr

Christian Henderson

Tess Porter

Emma Purgason

Nathan Sia

Jacob Taylor

Rory Walker

Chemistry II

Miguel Chavez

Noah Martin


Jordan Cockrum

Molly Fullington

Parker Gair

Griffin Simmerly

Sydney Surface

Honors Physics

Carter Durfey

Hannah Hyslop

Anna Kutbay

Logan Melling

Hannah Smith

The following students are being recognized for the Highest EOC Score in the following area of science:


Shawn Burr

Jason McFall

Emma Purgason

Nathan Sia


Social Studies Department (presented by Mr. Marcum)

Each year, the Social Studies Department honors top students for their exemplary achievement.  They are being recognized for their enthusiastic attitude, quest for knowledge, critical thinking skills, and appreciation for real-life applications provided by exploration of the social sciences.  Mr. Marcum will be presenting the following students with certificates.     

AP Psychology 

Jacob Seals

Jacob Taylor

U.S. History and Geography

Bernice Acuna

Jackson Fleming

Bradley Fuchs

Myrissa Livesay

Addison Pennington

Gizela Rodriguez Hernandez

AP U.S. History

Noah Martin

Guadalupe Martinez

Emma Mitchell

Paulina Ramirez


SPANISH Department Awards (Presented by Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Horne)

The award of Spanish Scholar is given to students who achieve the highest grades in their Spanish classes and demonstrate great enthusiasm and effort in learning the language and exploring Hispanic cultures.  The following students please come forward to accept the Spanish Scholar award:

Rebecca Noble

Sydney Surface

Jenna Pratt

Hadlee Banks

Alex Koenig

Victoria Burns

The Hispanic Heritage Award is presented to Hispanic students who have shown exceptional willingness to share their heritage with both faculty and students. They have helped classmates understand the Spanish language and culture, and have often served as interpreters for faculty members in the office and at school events. The following students please come forward to accept the Heritage award: 

Victor Martinez

Paulina Ramirez

Paola Rodriguez



SPEECH AND DEBATE Awards (Mrs. Terry present)

The National Speech & Debate Association’s honor society recognizes middle school and high school students for participation in speech and debate activities. Students earn distinction through speech and debate competition, as well as community service, public speaking, and leadership activities. Members are eligible to join the Honor Society once they have earned the required number of points.

Additionally, members of the honor society are held to the Code of Honor, the highest standards of integrity, humility, respect, leadership, and service. These standards have been required of members since the organization was founded in 1925.

Students who compete on the speech and debate team earn NFL points based on their individual performances at competitions.

 High point students for each grade level demonstrate not only amazing talent but most importantly tremendous work ethic and dedication.

Would Cooper Campbell, Jacob Seals, Taegan Collins and Anna Kutbay please come forward

This year’s high point earners are:

Cooper Campbell - High Point Freshman with 265 NFL points

Jacob Seals - High Point Sophomore with 1,196 NFL points

Taegan Collins - High Point Junior with 1,855 NFL points

Anna Kutbay - High Point Senior with 2,643 NFL points


Would Taegan Collins, Evan McKenna, Anna Kutbay  , Kyler Groner, Dalton Miksa and Blayne Chance please come forward?

Each year the speech and debate team votes for their outstanding performers this year’s winners are:

Voted Best Actress by her peers:

Taegan Collins

Voted Best Actor by his peers:

Evan Mckenna

Voted Best Supporting Actress by her peers:

Anna Kutbay

Voted Best Supporting Actor this year ends in a tie between partners:

Kyler Groner and Dalton Miksa                   

Voted Outstanding Debater

Blayne Chance


National Qualifiers please come forward:  Anna Kutbay, Kyler Groner, Taegan Collins,Chris Cox   Dalton Miksa, Pedro Reyes, Jennifer Rodriguez, Macy Noe, Alisa Osborne and Evan McKenna


Morristown West High School has set a record with students qualifying to the National Competition this summer.  The team is sending the most qualifiers from any school in the State and will be representing the state this summer in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Pedro Reyes (junior) --- 1st place in Dramatic Interp – Ranking 5th in DUO and 12th in DI Nationally.

Chris Cox(junior) / Dalton Miksa (sophomore) ---1st in Duo Interp --22nd in the Nation.

Jennifer Rodriguez (senior) --- World School’s Debate Qualifier.

Anna Kutbay (senior) ---2nd in Original Oratory—Ranked 50th in the Nation in OO.

Kyler Groner (senior) ---1st  in Big Question Debate—Ranked 14th in the nation in Original Oratory.

Taegan Collins (junior) ---1st in Program Oral Interp—Ranked 5th in Duo 18th in POI Nationally.

Evan McKenna (senior) ---2nd in Humorous Interp—Ranked 22nd in the nation in HI and 45th in POI.

Alisa Osborne (sophomore) --- 2nd in Informative.


The team won 1st place Individual Events sweepstakes, 1st place Debate sweepstakes and 1st place overall.  They not only won first place team at the State National Qualifier but were the top team at the TN State Tournament.


Would the following students please stand to be recognized as State Finalists.  Haleigh Henry state solo champion—ranking 88th in DI Nationally. Anna Kutbay state Impromptu Speaking champion and scholarship winner, Kyler Groner State Presiding Officer of Congress and Scholarship winner.

The following young men are 2nd in State of Interp Theater:  Evan McKenna, David Pacia, Chris Cox, DJ Needs, Jacob Seals and Pedro Reyes.


Abbey Butler 2nd in Impromptu Speaking

Karcyn Kowalski / Jacob Seals 2nd in Duet Acting—Ranking 7th in the nation

Taegan Collins 2nd  in Program Oral Interp

Chris Cox and Dalton Miksa 2nd in Duo Interp

Evan Mckenna 2nd in Humorous Interp

Braxton Mattocks 2nd  in Costume Design

Alisa Osborne 4th in Informative Speaking

DJ Needs 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Hunter Tinney 5th in Television Broadcasting

James Hicks 6th in extemporaneous Speaking

Macy Noe and Maddie Adkins semis in Public Forum Debate

Jennifer Rodriguez and Curtis Hawkins quarters in Public Forum Debate


The team this year has had the most successful season since the team's beginning in the 80's.  They were the 4th place team at Yale, 3rd place team at George Mason University, had a champion duo team at Emory, 1st at the University of KY, 1st at Chase High School in NC and won first at every competition the team attended in the State. 


Would the following seniors please come forward: Hunter Tinney, Megan Strader, Blayne Chance, Jennifer Rodriguez, David Pacia, Curtis Hawkins, Evan McKenna, Kyler Groner and Anna Kutbay.

Hunter Tinney graduates as a speaker and actor with 326 NSDA points, a ruby pin and will be attending WSCC in the fall.

Megan Strader graduates as a debater with 525 NSDA points, a two ruby pin and will be attending the University of TN in the fall.

Blayne Chance graduates as a debater with 737 NSDA points, a triple ruby pin and will be attending the University of TN in the fall.

Jennifer Rodriguez graduates as debater with 1,066 NSDA points, a quad ruby and will be attending the University of TN in the fall.

 David Pacia graduates as a speaker and actor with 1,180 NSDA points, a quad ruby pin and will be attending UT Chattanooga in the fall.

Curtis Hawkins graduates as a debater with 1,185 NSDA points a quad ruby pin and will be attending the University of TN in the fall.

Evan McKenna graduates as an actor with 1,781 NSDA points, a 5 ruby pin and will attend Notre Dame in the fall.

Kyler Groner graduates as a speaker and actor with 1,840 NSDA points, a 5 ruby pin and is a Haslem Scholar at the University of TN in the fall.

Anna Kutbay graduates as a speaker and actress with 2,643 NSDA points, a 5 ruby pin and will attend, with a full ride and a speech and debate scholarship, the University of AL in the fall.


We are so very proud of all your accomplishments and look on this special time with bitter –sweetness.  You leave some mighty big shoes to fill but we cannot wait to see all you will accomplish out in the world.  You take a piece of our hearts as you leave us.


West Side Story Awards (presented by Mrs. Whaley)_

This school year, West Side Story received first place in the national competition for the American Scholastic High School Press Association award out of College Point, New York.

West Side Story also enters the TN High School Press Association state competition.  The newspaper received merit as a whole. 

Will Jenny Diaz please come forward?

Jenni Diaz received first place in the state for advertisement design.



Youth Poetry Contest (Presented by Mrs. Sarah Bowen)

 Sammie Rickett received first place locally in the Youth Poetry Contest and third place in the district.  She will be moving on to state competition.