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FBLA Students Rack Up 16 Regional Wins
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Thursday, February 08, 2018
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FBLA Regionals on February 1, 2018 was a huge win for West High FBLA students with five first place wins and 16 total wins.  The region ranges from Chattanooga all the way to Bristol, TN. 

Leesha Nichols placed 1st place in Computer applications making a huge successful win over other East Tennessee schools.   

This was also the case for Shane Hess 1st place, Zack Hayes 3rd place and Dawson Wood 5th Place in Computer Problem Solving.

Tyler Connell placed 1st place in Database Design and Applications and in Impromptu Speaking Megan Strader placed 1st

In Intro to Business Communications. Kenzie Sprouse placed 2nd and Kimberly Sanchez placed 4th.

Camryn Sprouse placed 4th in Job Interview and in Management Decision Making Blayne Chance and Elaney Noe were a team who placed 1st.    

Then in Marketing,  Rebecca Eubanks and Sarahi Dejesus were a team who placed 4th.

In Organizational Leadership Hannah Stone placed 3rd.  

Last but not least in Word Processing Danielle Locke placed 2nd and Yuliana Resendiz placed 6th. These students have taken a step forward for West High to represent the academics of the students.

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