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Ashley Eden Staff Photo

When I first left high school, I wanted to be a teacher, but I was debating between math and music. I joke that I wanted a job, so I chose math. In reality, I realized my love of teaching music is a hobby, not what I want to do for my life's work.


I worked full time for the state of Pennsylvania while I was going to school part time, so it took me 8 years (?!?!) to get through my bachelor's degree!!! I know....I could be a doctor! (haven't heard that one before...) I have a BS in Mathematics with a Certification in Secondary 7-12 Education from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. I also have a Masters of Science in 21st Century Teaching and Learning from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.


I worked for four years in PA at a Career and Technical School as a math teacher. My first year, I taught Intro to Algebra, Financial Algebra, and Algebra 2. After that, I taught three years of Geometry and Statistics. I am now here in Tennessee teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry.