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Kim Hall Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
English I Honors, English I Regular, Freshman Skills for Success

After graduating from Morristown West High School, I spent three quarters at WSCC.  From there I transferred to East Tennessee State University and planned to study business.  After a difficult semester studying the wrong subject, I decided to transfer once again to the University of Tennessee Knoxville where I received a degree in English Literature.  When I decided that teaching was what I wanted to devote myself to, I went to Carson-Newman College as I worked to obtain my teaching certification.  Education has always been a part of my life, and I intend to continue learning and teaching others.


I have taught at Morristown West High School for fifteen years.  In my early years here, I taught whatever grade and ability level was needed within the English department.  This meant that some years I might have Freshmen and Seniors in the Fall and Juniors and Sophomores in the Spring.  Since the inception of our Freshman Experience program in 2006, I have taught exclusively in the FX Program.  As a part of our Freshman courses, I now teach Content Reading and Freshman Skills for Success.  Beginning in 2009, I have had the opportunity to teach upperclassmen through our Creative Writing course.


Let me introduce myself.  I am a life-long citizen of Hamblen County.  Born in August of 1966, my early memories are of barefoot summers, much harsher winters, and piano recitals in the springtime.  I attended West Elementary and love recalling special teachers like Kathryn Rader, Louise Gregory, Jim MacLeay, and Ms. Mullins in the library.  Lincoln Heights Middle School also provided me with a wonderful education.  My high school years were spent right here at West High School.  I love this place.  Special educators not only impressed upon me the importance of a sound education but also shared their passion for learning:  a passion that I try to share today with my studentsI'm proud to say that I was honored with the distinction of being High School Teacher of the Year in Hamblen County in 2013.