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Redo Policy

Redo Policy  

At West High School, we are initiating a school wide “Redo Policy.”  This policy advocates students having the opportunity to truly grasp the learning material through mastery of classroom work.  This policy is further designed to insure that all students have the opportunity to excel.


The Math Department’s Redo Policy is as follows but individual teachers may alter the policy to meet their time schedules.


·         For a no zero policy teachers may require missing class or homework assignments be redone.


·         Upon receiving an unfavorable grade the student must immediately notify the teacher of their intent for a redo and agree to the time and day designated by the teacher.


·         Redo’s need to be completed within 5 calendar days, including weekends if applicable.


·         A review/tutor session must happen before the redo work is accepted.


·         Students should correct any/all problem(s) they did not receive full credit on, showing   either the correct work or giving an explanation as to what they did incorrectly. The student must demonstrate that he/she now understands how to do the problem correctly. This should be done on a separate piece of paper and stapled to the original paper.


  • Students who refuse to take the original test or who purposefully take a test randomly are not eligible to retest.



·         Redo grade will not exceed 80%.


  • Students will not be allowed to re-do assignments during regular class time or at any time during the regular school day. Assignments must be done after school during tutorials under teacher supervision.


·         Mid-Term and Final Exams are not subject to the re-do opportunity policy.  No provisions will be made to allow any student to re-take any of these exams.


·         Assignments may be re-done prior to Mid-Term or Final Examination week.