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Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry Syllabus

Syllabus for Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry  

Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Doug King                                           Room #: 609

E-mail:                                           Website: 

Welcome to Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry. It is my pleasure to welcome you into my classroom. I trust that you are prepared to experience an “Explosion of Learning”. This semester is going to be an exciting one. Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry begins with a short review of Algebra II, and then moves very quickly into new and challenging material. Success in this class will require a great deal of work and completion of all assignments in a timely fashion.

Course Description: Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry is a one-semester course that includes the following topics: linear, quadratic and polynomial functions, rational equations, complex numbers, factoring polynomials, exponential functions, logarithms, conic sections, sequence and series, and trigonometry.

Course Philosophy: Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry is an advanced mathematics course. A strong emphasis will be placed on critical thinking skills, verbal and written communication of methods for problem solving. Students will be asked to explain answers and show work on homework and testing, not simply state answers.

Supplies: Each student will be provided a book. He/she will need a three ring binder, loose-leaf paper, and pencils. Graphing calculators will be provided from time to time in class. If a student wishes to use their own calculator on tests and quizzes, it must be approved by me since not all calculators are suitable.

Homework: Homework will be assigned with most class sessions (including weekends). To maximize its effectiveness, homework should be done in a timely fashion. On most days, students will be provided the answers to their previous night’s assignment. A limited amount of time will be given daily for answering questions from their assignment. If time does not permit me to answer all homework questions during class, students are invited to set-up additional after-school tutoring sessions.  Periodically, assignments may be taken up for a grade.

Grades: Will be calculated using the following percentages:

Test: (65%) Combination of Multiple Choice and Free Response

Quiz: (25%) A short 5 minute quiz will be given at the beginning of most class sessions. No quiz will be given on a scheduled test date.

Notebook: (10%) Organization is essential to success. As a result, I ask that students maintain a notebook. The notebook should include a section for notes, quizzes, tests, and assignments. All sections should be maintained in ascending order by date. Every student will submit their notebook for evaluation at least once during the grading period.

*Quizzes, unless otherwise stated by the instructor, may be retaken one time per quiz. The retake will be different, but will test the same objectives. Before retaking a quiz, the student may be required to submit their notebook for evaluation. If the notebook is not well-maintained (i.e. unorganized, missing assignments, etc.), the student’s request for a re-do may be denied.

Extra Help: If a student needs additional help, I will be here most afternoons until 3:45.

Attendance and Make-up Work: Attendance is crucial to success. It is very difficult to keep up if one misses class. See your student handbook for the policies concerning make-up work due to absences.

Discipline: I follow the assertive discipline plan outlined in the handbook. It is expected of you to be on time to class. You should have everything out and ready to go when the bell rings.

Hall Passes: Please use the restroom during class change. The hall pass will only be used in case of an emergency.

Once again, it is my joy to have you as a student in class.   --- Mr. King