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Physical Science is a class which fulfills 1 of the lab science requirements for graduation. Two general areas will be included within the class:  chemistry, which studies the general properties of matter which makes up the world we live in and how different forms of matter may interact with one another and physics, which studies different forms of energy and their relationships to each other,   Lab work will stress safe and proper techniques, critical thinking, observation, and data collection and analysis.

Reading:  Students will be expected to do all reading assignments. Students will also be asked to read certain outside readings related to science, through out the semester. Some may be specifically assigned, while others may be student selected. It should not be a biography, autobiography, or textbook. You must bring the book, article, journal, etc. and a brief (1/2 – 1 page) summary with you.  Please be sure to include the title of the publication, the author, and the copyright date.  Your reading items will be added into your daily grade.

  • Grades will be figured on a weighted scale. The grading scale in the current student handbook will be followed.  

Nine weeks grades will be based on this basis:

  • Daily work                     - 25%
  • Quizzes                         - 25%
  • Tests                             - 50% 

Semester grades will be based on: 

  • 1st 9 Weeks Grade     - 40%
  • 2nd 9 Weeks Grade     - 40%
  • Semester test                - 20%      

You will be taking semester tests.  The tests will cover vocabulary, concepts, and problem solving skills developed during the semester. 

  • Daily work will be due at the beginning of the next class, unless otherwise noted.  Late work may be accepted with a dock in grade, until the test on that material is taken.  If you do not hand in an assignment due during class, you will be expected in my room at 3:05 that same day to complete it unless other arrangements have been made.  Not doing the work will not be an option!  Not doing the work properly will not be an option!  These two choices will result in a grade of incomplete. My expectation is that each student will do their work with the goal of demonstrating mastery of each skill. Students will continue to work on a skill until they have demonstrated their mastery. Mastery will be demonstrated at a score of 85% unless otherwise noted.
  • You are responsible for your own work. 

I am available third period, and after school most days until 3:30. Mondays will be my designated tutoring day after school.  You will need to schedule any missed quizzes or tests to be made up on the next Monday afternoon upon your return, if not done before.  If you need to contact me beyond school hours, my email is .

  • Any changes in this syllabus that must be made during the school year, will be announced in class and updated here as soon as possible.
  • Quizzes may or may not be announced.  Be prepared. Tests will be given when necessary to evaluate learning and will be scheduled in coordination with class progress and skill mastery. Expect tests to include vocabulary as well as problems.  Tests will be announced several days in advanced. A comprehensive Final Exam will also be given at the end of the semester.  
  • Always show your work on daily assignments, quizzes, and tests. No work, no credit.  Answers should be labeled when appropriate.  Please keep your work neat and easy to read.  Please use a pencil for calculations.

Please use the standard heading on the upper right corner of your papers:

  • Name –
  • Period –
  • Date –

Top line of your paper:

  • Assignment (pages & problems) –