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Computer Application Syllabus 

Ccourse Description

This course is designed to develop computer technology skills.  Students will use a variety of computer software and hardware tools and features of an electronic information network.  Students will explore the historical, social, and ethical issues of using computer technology.  The students will develop skills that will assist them will efficient production; accurate production analysis; management of information and design and presentation of a multimedia project.

Text and Resources                                                                                        

-Century 21 keyboarding and Information Process Textbook  - Micrtoype Multimedia - Microsoft Office Software

Class Supplies

Pencils, Pens, Paper, 3 Ring Binder, Dividers

Grading Scale

A          93-100                                                       Quiz                        30%

B          85-92                                                         Test                         50%

C          75-84                                                         Daily/Product         15%

D          74-70                                                         Technique               5%

F          Below 70 (No credit given)

Make Up Work

Any assignment missed due to any absence should be made up as quickly as possible.  The number of days missed is the number of days the student will be given to complete the assignment. Missed assignments, quizzes, or test may only be made up with excused absence.  Absences due to OSS will be considered as unexcused absences.