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Tara Phillips Staff Photo

Supply List 

Require Supplies: Students are required to bring the following materials to class everyday

·         Paper

·         Pencils

·         Composition Book (These can be stored in the classroom at the end of each day. You will not be permitted to have notes from other classes in the composition book.)

·         Binder (A three ring one-inch binder is preferred. You will not be permitted to have work from other classes in the binder.)               

Optional Supplies: The materials included below will be used on occasion, or will be available for classroom use, but some students may wish to have their own available to them for use in and outside of class.

·         Calculator – Graphing calculators, TI-83 or higher, are a great investment in this class as well as all future math classes, though not required. I do have a class set of graphing calculators, but students will not be permitted to take these home.

·         Colored pencils/pens

·         Ruler

·         Highlighters

·         Graph Paper

I would greatly appreciate any classroom donations of dry erase markers, tissues, hand sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, or any of the above listed supplies.