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Course Syllabus

Ms. Verdino

Course objectives: Geometry is a semester long class that will cover the Hamblen county curriculum for Geometry. This particular class will contain the following Tennessee Standards: reasoning and proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, transformation, area, volume, circles and solids.

Course philosophy: We will be using critical thinking skills throughout the whole semester. As students, you are expected to work diligent to masters the concepts presented. There will also be a strong emphasis on vocabulary as well proofs. You will also be asked to show all work and explain answers.

Supplies: Students are expected to bring paper, pencil, books, and positive attitudes with them to class every day. Graphing calculators will be provided while in class.

Classroom procedures:

·         Come to class ready to learn. In order to be ready to learn you will need to bring your proper class supplies as well as the right attitude.

·         When you enter the room:

o   Come in quietly

o   Sharpen your pencils

o   Take out the appropriate papers

o   Sit in your assigned seat

o   Begin working on the bell ringer

·         Treat everyone with respect.

·         Raise your hand before speaking in class

o   Hold onto trash until the end of class.

·         *******Do not talk when Ms. Verdino is talking or when other classmates are talking********

·         Ms. Verdino dismisses class, not the bell. Please stay in your seat until you are properly dismissed.

·         Anytime you hear a(n) Announcement/Intercom/phone immediately become SILENT.

·         DO NOT vandalize desks or any other forms of school property.


First Consequence- Warning                                                                                                                  Second Consequence- 15 minute detention                                                                                   Third Consequence- 30 minute detention                                                                                     Fourth Consequence- Parents Contacted and 30 minute detention                                                                         Fifth Consequence- Office Referral

Severe disruption: Students will be IMMEDIATELY sent to an administrator (Sever disruption is defined as overt refusal to follow teacher’s instructions, fighting, vandalism, behavior which stops the class from functioning.)

Attendance and Make-up Work: Attendance is extremely important in the success of this class. Make-up work is expected to be turned in accordance to the policy laid out if the student handbook.  

Hall Passes: Please use the restroom during class changes. Hall passes will only be permitted in the case of an emergency.


Tests (50%): Tests will cover class material from notes, homework, and in class activities. They will be a mixture of Multiple Choice and Free Response

Quizzes (30%): Quizzes will be on Fridays (unless there is a conflict with a test). Quizzes with be ver material that was covered throughout the whole week.

Homework/Participation (20%): Homework will be due at the beginning of class. Unless otherwise stated, no credit will be given to problems with answers only. Students must show work in order to receive credit. Homework is designated to give the students practice. It is just as important to know the steps to a problem as it is to know the correct answer. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what material was missed.

Extra help: If a student needs additional help, I will be available in the afternoons until 3:45pm.


I have read the syllabus and class rules. I understand the due date and makeup policies, and the need to come prepared to every class

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