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Course Outline for English III

 I. Freedom and Bondage

A. Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative p. 35-43               

B. Olaudah Equiano's Captivity Narrative p. 53              

C. Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention p. 112        

D. Frederick Douglass Narrative p. 464

E. Spirituals p. 480, 482, others                                   

F. "The Most Remarkable Woman of this Age" p. 484                                                                                                 

 II. The Individual and Society

          A. Poetic Terms

          B. E.A. Robinson: "Miniver Cheevy", "Richard Cory" p. 590

          C. Edgar Lee Masters: "Richard Bone", "'Butch' Weldy," Mrs. George Reece" p. 851

          D. Langston Hughes: "Harlem" p. 828                

E. Gandhi on Nonviolent Resistance p. 243                    

          F. MLK speech

          G. Spoon River Anthology

          H. The Crucible p. 1212-127.


III. Realms of Darkness

A. Hawthorne Selection 252-276

B. Washington Irving: “The Devil and Tom Walker” p. 174-188

C. "A Rose for Emily" p. 719

D. Edgar Allan Poe Selections p.277-306 and other sources

E. Emily Dickinson Poems: "Because I could not stop for Death" and "I heard a Fly buzz when I died" p. 401, 403

F. The Scarlet Letter


IV. Research

A. conduct research in the library on a credible topic

B. choose credible sources

C. create notes on the subject

D. use correct in text citations

E. create a works cited page

F. develop a thesis statement

G. create an outline

H. turn in a rough draft

I. use the peer editing checklist (including organization of paper)

J. turn in the final copy on the date assigned

K. student presentations of information


V. Novels

A. The Old Man and the Sea

B. The Things They Carried

C. Their Eyes Were Watching God

D. Of Mice and Men

E. The Color Purple


VI. Persuasive Unit

          A. TCAP Writing

          B. Persuasive Terms

          C. Commercials

          D. Speeches


VII. Business Writing

A. Fill out a job application

B. Compose a resume

C. Write a business letter

D. Compose a persuasive business memo

E. Compose a letter to an author

F. Prepare a character from the text you’ve read for a job in the real world


VIII. ACT Prep: ongoing throughout the year

Materials: grammar workbook, ACT practice exams, ACT Comprehensive Program 2008 Edition Kaplan, ACT Reading: Student Workbook, ACT English: Student Workbook, and several internet sources.


IX. Informational Text

A. plan a college schedule

B. analyze charts and graphs

C. Write directions/ follow directions with a Lego game


Classroom Discipline Plan


Dr. Jeff Moorhouse                                                                                Robert Haun

 Principal                                                                                             Assistant Principal


Jennifer Laster                                                                                        Jeff S. Kinsler

Assistant Principal                                                                              Assistant Principal



Course: English III                                       

 Classroom Discipline Plan:


In order to insure the excellent learning climate that each student in our school deserves, I will be using the following discipline plan in my classroom this school year. The class rules will be developed through a social contract created by the students of each class.


School Philosophy

We believe that all our students can behave appropriately. We cannot accept any behavior that stops us from teaching and /or prevents any student from leaning.

Make-up work

If you are not in class for any reason, YOU WILL MISS SOMETHING! The make-up policy is that students have the same amount of days to make-up work as the number of days missed. I will not accept work that is more than one week late. The student is responsible for obtaining the information he or she missed. Students may get notes from classmates. If a student misses on a test day, the test will be taken on the day he or she arrives back to school


 Redo Policy

 The junior English teachers have created a redo policy for student work that does not meet a level of mastery. This is to ensure that all students are accomplishing objectives and meeting standards for this class. Please refer to the separate sheet discussing the redo policy. If a student is asked to redo work he or she must do so promptly. Students may be required to meet outside of the regularly scheduled class time. I am available before and after school for tutoring. Students need to be prepared to make accommodations for tutoring. Your education is important to me; it should also be important to you.


Food and Drink

Food and drink will not be allowed in the classroom unless given to the students by the teacher. Only bottled water with a lid will be permitted.



Our time is very precious, and there really is no reason for you to be late. If you absolutely need to be late, please check with me first. Otherwise, you will be considered tardy. Being tardy for class will result in an administrative detention to be served on Thursdays after school. The length of time to be served is one hour regardless of the time missed from class.


About Class

I expect everyone to participate in class. This means that you are not sleeping. You are listening actively and taking notes. Please do not leave your mess when you leave class. I am here to teach you not to clean up after you. Please ask questions and feel free to discuss class matters with me. On assignments that will be turned in, please do not write in strange colors of ink that will be difficult to read.



*Students at West High School will be treated with respect by peers and teachers.

*A student will not engage in a behavior that will distract others from reaching their potential in this room.



Grading in this class is standards based. Students in junior English are expected to meet goals in the following categories as required by the state of Tennessee: Language, Communication, Writing, Research, Logic, Informational Text, Media, and Literature. You may review these standards by visiting:


 I am looking forward to this school year. This is a great opportunity for learning, fun, and personal development. I hope that we can make the best of this year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns. 581-1600 ext. 1054. My planning period is from 9:35-11:20. Parents and students, please feel free to contact me via email at any time. This is expedient and convenient. You may email me anytime at


Thank you,

Ms. Barbara Starnes





Please fill out this sheet, sign, date and return it to Ms. Starnes as soon as possible.

Student Name: _________________________________________


 Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) Name:

 Home Telephone Number:


 My planning time is 9:35-11:20 I am also available to discuss student progress after school. If I should need to discuss your son or daughter’s progress when is the best time for you to be reached?


 ___________________________              ____________________________

 Name:                                             Relationship to student


 ___________________________               ____________________________

 Place where I should call                     Area code and phone number


 If you would like to use email for updates on your students’ progress please include your email address:





I have read and discussed this packet and its contents with my son or daughter and know what will be expected of him or her this semester.

_________________________                      _________________

 Signature                                                         date



 I have read and discussed this packet and its contents and I know what will be expected of me this semester.


_________________________                      __________________

Signature                                                            date





 A redo policy that helps every student reach a level of 75% mastery is the goal of the junior English teachers. Helping students obtain the objectives and standards of their course is a common and collaborative goal in this policy.


Students will have one week (5 school days) to redo necessary assignments.


The junior English teachers will maintain as a common and collaborative effort the following criteria for the redo policy:

1. Students have the opportunity to redo the assignment if the score is below a 75.

2. The individual teacher will require and determine the effort and quality put in to the original assignment as to whether the student may redo the assignment.

3. The individual teacher will determine the number of times a student will redo one particular assignment.

4. It is the responsibility of the student to plan the redo with the teacher within the five day     period.

5. The junior English teachers identify a redo as an assignment that was attempted and fell below expectations. Make up work, late work, and missed or disregarded assignments do not fall in to the redo policy.


Because it is the intent for the junior English teachers to promote student success, clarification of the make up work, late work, and student disregard of assignments is needed.


            * First, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain make up work. It is the school handbook policy that the number of days missed is the number of days that will be given to complete the assignments. Ignored make up work turns in to an incomplete grade or a zero.


            * Late work may result in the deletion of points from the original assignment.


            * Student disregard of work does not constitute a redo opportunity.