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Ms.  Tammy  Ripley
Social Studies
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Welcome to U.S. Government.  This is a 10th grade social studies class which is a requirement for graduation.  You will find below several sections that will be helpful on your journey with me this semester.

Styles of teaching:

We will use a variety of ways every day in learning.  These can be lecture, discussion, problem solving, reading, question and answer sessions, scavenger hunts, small group activities, partner work, individual assignments and homework.



50% Test and quizzes

50% writing

Makeup test and redo work can be done anytime during the nine weeks the work is due however a student must check with Ms. Ripley for scheduling.


Course Outline:

Principles of Government

Branches of Government

Federal Government and Economy

Fundamentals of a Free Society

Supreme Court and the Constituion

Rights and Responsibities

Influence of the Media

Civil Rights

Elections and Political Process

Tennessee State and Local Government



Welcome to 11th grade U.S. History.  This is a required class to graduate.



50% test and quizzes

50% writing

EOC is required from the state of Tennessee.


Styles of teaching:

Lecture, reading of various materials, discussions, group work and individual work, and extensive writing.


Topics to be covered:

Rise of the Industrial America 1877-1914

Progressive Era 1890-1920

The 1920s

The Great Depression

Between the Wars and World War II 1921-1947

Cold War 1945-1975

Modern United States 1945-1979

Contemporary America 1980- today