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AP English Language and Composition
AP English Language Course Home Page
This is the official website for our AP course.  It contains extensive information about the skills needed for the exam.

AP English Language Vocabulary Flashcards

These flashcards will help you study terms you need to know for the AP exam.

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
This site contains definitions of many rhetorical terms that you might see on the AP exam.

AP English Language Notes

This site contains a lot of sound information for preparing for both the multple-choice and free-response sections of our exam.

Interactive Practice Multiple-Choice Passages

Terms for the AP English Language Exam

This site contains definitions of terms commonly found on the AP exam.  Click on the link for a more in-depth explanation and associated readings.

Greek Roots Vocabulary Terms

Use this site to review and practice your Greek roots.

Latin Roots Vocabulary Flashcards

Vocabulary Workshop Practice Site

This site has trouble working for me if I use Firefox, but I have no trouble with it on Internet Explorer.  So you might try a different browser if you have trouble loading the games or other materials from the website.

"Winter Dreams" Text by F. Scott Fitzgerald

AP Terms Review Games
Tic Tac Toe Citation Game

Answer questions about proper MLA citation to earn Xs on a Tic Tac Toe board.

Rhetorical Terms Games

Look down the page to find the links to several games over rhetorical terms on the AP exam.

Can You Name the Literary Device?

See how fast you can identify all the terms when given a definition and example.

MLA Master Blaster

Answer quiz-style questions over MLA citation.

MLA Citation Game

Click on the MLA links on the right-hand side to test your knowledge of correct MLA citations.

Literary Techniques Game

Take a multiple-choice quiz over common literary terms.

Logical Fallacies Quiz

Take a multiple-choice quiz over logical fallacies.

The Fallacy Game

Take a multiple-choice quiz over logical fallacies.

Name the Logical Fallacy

Time yourself as you fill in the name of the logical fallacy.

English II Links
Week 5 Confusing Words Jeopardy

A Jeopardy game with questions created by students to review the Week 5 Confusing Words terms.

Unit 1 Vocabulary Flashcards

Unit 2 Vocabulary Flashcards

These are the flashcards for the Unit 2 words in the Wordskills books.

Foreign Words and Phrases Flashcards

Study all the foreign words and phrases for your English II EOC exam.