iPad Corner

Welcome to the iPad Corner!

Here are some links that may be beneficial to you as a teacher, student, or parent! Enjoy!

For Teachers:

Note-AP and EOC teachers are given first priority on iPad cart reservations (per grant requirements).

iPad Cart Use Guidelines--A document of instructions on how to reserve, use, and return ipads. updated 9/18/13

iPad Tips for Success:--A document of compiled tips from teachers/administrators that have used ipads in the classroom successfully. last update 9/18/13

Additional Tips--last update 8/14/13.

iPad Usage Request Form : This form can be downloaded to fill out. The library must have this form 3 days in advance of the date ipads are to be used in classroom.


For Students:

Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy-rules and requirements for ipad use in the classroom.


Fun for Everyone:

App List by Category--not a link to a website, but apps categorized for quick reference.  last update 9/27/12.