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Resources for Research Projects

World Book Website

                           Electronic Resources for Everbody                  World Book Online                       Student Resources Incontext Online

       main page of TEL                      articles, images, primary             articles, images, primary sources and more
    sources, and more


Reasearch in Context.gif            Opposing Viewpoints               Power Search Gale Online

 news, magazines, and journal         articles from multiple view-        collection of authoritative    
articles at wide range of topics         points, biographies, news,          periodicals, scholarly journals,
                                                                 and interactive maps                   and newspapers



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 Information on Citing Sources MLA Style


Artemis: Literature image icon                            Gale Virtual Reference Library image icon                                    
Research authors and their works,                      database of encyclopedias and specialized         
literary movements and genres.                             reference sources(e-books)


          Powerpoint Help for Formatting Research Papers

Formatting Your Research Paper with Microsoft Office 2010

MLA In-text Citations Powerpoint

OWL MLA Powerpoint

Freshmen MLA Lesson