FBLA advances to State Competition
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Friday, February 17, 2017
FBLA Advances to State
FBLA Advances to State

Students tested their abilities in the Regional FBLA competition Feb. 2, 2017 for a chance to move to state competition. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. This school club gives students hands on experiences with the business world and a chance to compete in regional competitions and a chance to move on to state.   Ten Trojans originally qualified for state.

When competing for the state qualification, the students must have completed a test for their area of interest placement. There was a total of 41 categories that the students had to choose from ,and the ten qualifiers  won in seven of those categories.

Certain events have tests that require the student to go to regional competition where they would perform their test such as Job Interview and Impromptu Speaking. While the seminars were taking place, students were testing in separate rooms for state qualification.
 The first seminar was led by  Amy Wilson of the Knoxville Junior Achievement. The name of the seminar was “Know Your Personal Brand”. The next seminar was led by Susanne Dupes. The seminar was titled “Professional Communication: Working Your Why and How” and it featured a small fill out guide that kept the students engaged on finding out their different communications.

Next the FBLA Presiding officers Quinnivan Raudat and Jiachen Mo lead a game session on Kahoot where students answered questions on the history of FBLA. The next round was “Guess the Logo” in which students guessed many famous logos that they see everyday. Each first place winner received candy, or a Chick-fil-a gift card.

Throughout this day, they held a raffle where the presiding officers of region six drew ticket numbers from a bowl. One of Morristown West High’s FBLA members, D.D. Cox, won one of the raffle prizes.  After lunch, two FBLA members from each school were selected as voting delegates to vote for regional treasurer. After the votes were counted, the assembly moved forwards with the awards ceremony where the ten contenders were called.

Everyone that placed first through seventh will have the chance to compete in the state competition taking place in Chattanooga, TN on March 20-22. Congratulations to the entire FBLA team for their hard work and accomplishments.

FBLA State Qualifiers from
Morristown-Hamblen West High School
3rd- Rebecca Eubanks

Business Calculations:
7th- Camryn Sprouse

Computer Applications:
4th- Danielle Locke
7th- Joey Zhao

Cyber Security
1st- Brandon Jacome-Mendez
4th- Patrick Handren

Impromtu Speaking:
1st- Blayne Chance
7th - Nicholas Noble

1st- Hannah Stone
5th- D.D. Cox
6th-Diamond Daniels

Job Interview:
3rd- Alisa Brown

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