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West High School Lifetime Wellness Syllabus

I. Course Objectives

     Wellness program definition: a program to improve the quality of life by making available different options in relation to developing, maintaining, and enhancing fitness levels.

Primary goal: to promote good physical, social, and emotional health through good habits and through a regular fitness program.

Participant Objectives:

A. The members will participate in a screening to assist in determining current health and fitness status.

B. The members will continually identify health habits based on information presented throughout the school year.

C. The members will set personal goals in relation to diet, nutrition, fitness, and stress management.

D. The members will participate in wellness/fitness activities.

E. The members will increase social interaction and mutual support as a result of participation in various activities.

II. Methods of Instruction

       The classroom portion of class will involve lecture, projects, written assignments, handouts, reports, and group activities. The fitness portion of the course will involve fitness in individual sports instruction, team sports instruction, and a carry over of lessons from the classroom.

Instructional Materials

Materials to be used will include individual sports equipment and various team sports equipment. We will also be using handouts, films, bio-electrical impedance scales, ect..

Students are to bring in $5.00 to cover equipment fees.

IV. Evaluation

40% of grade comes from physical fitness activities

        Students will receive a 100 daily grade for being properly dressed and giving 100% participation.

        Students who fail to dress out, but still participate at 100% will receive a grade of 80 for that day.

        Students who fail to dress out and participate will be given a written assignment, and allowed to    earn a maximum of 80 for that day.

        Students who fail to do anything at all, will be given a 0 for that day.

        All other students grades will be based upon the level of participation.

40% of grade comes from classroom work and test

20% of grade comes from final exam

V. Homework Policy

Homework is given as reinforcement. If students stay on task all activities should be completed in the classroom, therefore, there should be no need for homework.

VI. Student Materials

Students will need paper and pencil for class. Book will be assigned.

Students will need the following clothes for fitness portion: tennis shoes, shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and socks.

VII. Field Trips

Wellness will go on 3-4 field trips throughout semester. There will be a small fee for each trip.

Derek Creech