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Class of 2018 Senior Superlatives
Posted On:
Friday, February 16, 2018

Best Laugh

Hunter Franklin

Alisha Jones

Best Hair

Lucas Crider

Baylee Rauberts

 Best Date to Bring Home to Mom & Dad

Tommy Cobble

Carson Eskew

 Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

Abby Sinard

Evan McKenna

 Best All Around

Colton Misenheimer

Anna Kutbay

 Most Attached to their Phone

Darshan Shah

Caroline Harville

 Worst Driver

Logan Shafer

Rachel Shaver

 Most Athletic

John Foreback

Erin Foster

 Best Dressed

Rebekah Brandon

Austin Smith

Most Talented

Josh Smith

Haleigh Twitchell

Most Likely to Succeed/ President

Carter Durfey

Hannah Smith

 Most Organized

Claire Allison

Carlos Delgado

 Most Artistic

Antonio Alonso

Heather Gorbski

 Class Clown

Tyler Morie

Gracie Johnson

 Most Spirited

Jackson Wilson

Jade Mattison

 Biggest Transformation

Alec Bowen

Hannah Turner

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