College Visit Information

Each senior is allowed ONE college day during the senior year. Students are required to get a permission form from Mrs. Jenkins, in the main office, and have it turned in to her at least 3 days BEFORE going on the college visit.  It must be approved by a principal BEFORE you go.  During the college visit, students should ask an Admissions representative for a letter or other paperwork indicating that the student participated in a visit to the college/university for attendance purposes. Students should then turn in this letter to Mrs. Jenkins to excuse the absence.

College/Career Exploration


Major Clarity

West High students are given the opportunity to participate in career exploration activities in TNN using Major Clarity. Students may ask their TNN teachers about log-in credentials.


College and Career Search Websites

The following websites are good ones for exploring colleges, majors, and careers:


Big Future

College for TN

College Navigator

College Scoreboard

eCampus Tours



Occupational Outlook Handbook

College and Career Resources

Keirsey Test
A personality test that will help you determine what careers would be best for you.

Kuder Career Test
Use the results of your interests, skills, and work values assessments to plan for your education or occupation. These assessments offer proven validity and reliability and offer immediate online reports.



College Confidential
This website features a discussion community focusing on college admissions along with an extensive collection of articles on subjects including choosing colleges, increasing your chances of getting accepted into the college you want, paying for college, and lots more!  

Here you can watch short clips about colleges and universities all over the country and learn more about the school, location, population, programs of study, and much more!

Click on any school and experience a 360 degree view of a variety of places located on the college/university campus.