Prom Guidelines

2024 PROM APRIL 27

Attention Juniors and Seniors: We are excited to announce that this year’s prom will be held at Morristown Landing on April 27th! While we are excited about the change in venue, we have a few things that you need to keep in mind so that you will be able to attend:

Students will be prohibited from attending prom if:

  • They have more than the permitted 10 absences in the spring semester.
  • They have any classes listed as Not Graded from any previous semester that haven't been resolved with community service hours.
  • They have credit recovery needs that haven't been addressed.
  • They have reached level 4 and had a Miller Boyd Orientation   

As we head into the Spring semester, please keep these things new requirements in mind! Dates and prices for tickets sales will be announced closer to Prom!


Prom Attire Guidelines

Ladies, please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Neckline must not go below breasts in front nor be too revealing on the front or sides.

• Back of the dress should not fall below the waistline.

• Dress fabric should not be see-through. • Short dresses must fall pass the mid thigh area.

• Slits in the skirt should not go above mid thigh (front/back/side).

• The top band of a skirt or pants must fall above the belly button all the way around the waist.

• Dresses must not be too revealing for a school sponsored event.

Men, please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Tuxedo, or suit with tie, or dress shirt, dress pants, jacket, with tie are all appropriate choices.

• Appropriate dress shoes should be worn.

• No Blue jeans will be allowed.

• Shirts may not be removed. T-shirts are not appropriate for the occasion.

Students, remember that you are responsible for the attire of your invited guests. This policy applies to West high students of all grade levels as well as the students from other schools. Please inform them of the guidelines and ensure that as a guess they are in compliance. Address any questions regarding appropriate attire with Mrs. Story or an administrator prior to the Prom.

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