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Quarantine Plan for Students Asynchronous Model 


A.  Students that miss more than 5 school days due to quarantine will be served in an asynchronous model using PLATO.


B.  Students that miss fewer than 5 days of school due to quarantine will be handled as if they missed for flu, strep, or any other illness.  Teachers will catch them up when they return to school. 


C.  To participate in the Asynchronous Academy, students must produce a letter from the health department or a physician that indicates their infection or a family member's and date of return to school. 


D.  Classroom teachers will communicate usernames and passwords and expectations to their students at least every two days through a conference or Google Meet. 


E.  Students would receive credit for completing modules that correlate to the standards teachers assigned them during their absence.  Additionally, students would be required to attend the Meet or conference call to receive full credit for their work.  PLATO is not a sufficient replacement for classroom instruction.  It is merely a tool to assist their learning.


F.  Classes without modules in PLATO would need to be handled on an individual basis by the teacher and student together. 

Students and staff encouraged to wear masks.  Walk on right of hallways.  4 lunches offered.

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