New Student Information

West High New Student Registration

This is for students that are not coming to West High from Lincoln or West View and any students moving to the area.   


***Please email Aimee Howerton  howertona18@hcboe.netif you plan to attend t.  We need the student name, the parents name and phone number, the grade of the student and the name of the school previously attended.  ***


Due to health concerns for our students and staff, we ask that as few people as necessary attend the registration.  The student enrolling needs to attend and as few adults as needed.  There will be no waiting areas.  Depending on numbers, you may be asked to wait in your cars until an opening is available. 


You can complete the new student registration online at before you come. 

Click on Parents and Students at the top

Online Registration

Scroll to the bottom and click on New Student English or Spanish

Read the instructions and then click on the online registration link at the bottom of the page


It says to come to the school first.  You can complete the online registration prior to arriving at the school to make the process go faster. 


Items you will need to provide the school to enroll in Hamblen Co:

TN Shot Record

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Copy of Parenting Plan- if parents are divorced

2 Proofs of Residence in the West Zone


  • Deed / Lease / Rental Agreement
  • Utility Bill (Electric and/or Water)
  • Telephone Bill (not cell phone)
  •  Internal Revenue Service W-2
  •  Verification of Social Service
  •  Notarized Statement




Thank you and welcome to West High!